Fatigue Risk Management Links

The following web sites offer valuable information and perspectives on fatigue risk management in various industry sectors:


 Sleep and Shiftwork Research

American Academy of Sleep Medicine

Harvard Sleep and Health Education Program

The National Sleep Foundation

American Sleep Apnea Association

NIH National Center of Sleep Disorder Research

NIH Guide to Healthy Sleep

VIDEO: Science of Sleep Part I

VIDEO: Science of Sleep Part II

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health - Plain Language About Shiftwork



ICAO FRMS Guide for Operators

Federal Aviation Administration Maintenance Fatigue

FAA - Flight and Duty Time Final Rule Fact Sheet



Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Resident Duty Hours

American Journal of Critical Care (AJCC) Nurses' Work Hours and Patients' Safety

Institute of Medicine Resident Duty Hours

Joint Commission Sentinel Alert Health Care Worker Fatigue

New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) Revisiting Duty-Hour Limits



International Maritime Organization Guidance on Fatigue

The Nautical Institute Fatigue Forum

Seafarer Fatigue: The Cardiff Research Programme

US Coast Guard: Crew Endurance Management



Railroaders' Guide to Healthy Sleep

Australia National Transport Commission: Guideline for Fatigue Management for Rail Workers

US Federal Transit Administration: Fatigue Survey Results



ANSI / American Petroleum Institute Recommended Practice 755 - Fatigue Risk Management Systems

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Fatigue Management Program Guide

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Fitness for Duty Programs

Energy Institute: Improving Alertness Through Effective Fatigue Management


Emergency Services

JAMA - Sleep Disorders, Health & Safety in Police Officers

US National Response Team: Guidance for Managing Worker Fatigue During Disaster Operations

International Association of Fire Chiefs: Sleep Deprivation

National Institute of Justice: Officer Work Hours, Stress and Fatigue

Fatigue Risk Management - INNOVATION CENTER

WELCOME to the DB&A Fatigue Risk Management Innovation Center!

In many organizations 24 by 7 operations are a fact of life, and with employees covering shifts on all sides of the clock fatigue can become an issue.  Accumulated fatigue builds up in your staff as they rotate across shifts, and acute fatigue happens quickly when work load increases beyond performance reserves.  When fatigue combines with the body's natural circadian rhythms workers can suffer negative impacts to their performance such as; the loss of focus and short term memory, or an inability to concentrate and complete important tasks. Ultimately fatigued employees present a danger to themselves and others and impact the safety of your operations.

DB&A Fatigue Risk Management Services  -  "From Science to Safety"

DB&A helps your organization bridge the gap between fatigue science and increased operational safety.  We do this by bringing a deep understanding of fatigue science along with the tools you need to effectively manage fatigue risk in your operations. 

  DOWNLOAD - DB&A "From Science to Safety" FRM Services Description


  •  Fatigue Risk Management EducationMgmt Options.png

    • Quickly deliver an FRM Executive Seminar to your leadership, and an FRM Training Course to your staff to build the awareness and knowledge needed to effectively conduct FRM in your organization.

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  • Fatigue Risk Management Maturity Model - FRM3 TM

    • Quickly assess your organization’s efforts to address fatigue risk relative to identified practices and industry requirements

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  • Fatigue Risk Management Quick Start Toolkit

    • Quickly get your FRM efforts up and running by leveraging the four components in our FRM Quick Start Toolkit:

      • Fatigue Risk Management Plan

      • Fatigue Risk Management Steering Committee

      • Fatigue Risk Management Process Architecture

      • Fatigue Modeling - Tools and Analysis Services

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  • Fatigue Risk Management System Planning & Implementation

    • Quickly develop a collaborative FRMS approach that balances prescriptive rules and flexible guidelines to address fatigue risk in your operational environment.

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  • Safety Culture Through Coaching

    • Quickly offer coaching services to empower your executives and managers to  promote a safety culture through effective fatigue risk management practices.

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Wondering where to begin or how to improve your FRM efforts? DB&A is here to help. Our FRM services can be leveraged individually, or collectively. We will tailor our services based on the exact needs of your organization. Benefit from our experience and get started improving your operational safety today.


DB&A Fatigue Risk Management - "White Papers"


While working with clients to address fatigue risk, DB&A identified a lack of information regarding the role of nutrition in helping employees manage their fatigue.  Certain foods provide energy to help employees work effectively during their shifts.  Other foods help calm your body and can help employees get the rest they need to recuperate from a sleep debt.  To fill the need for this information, we created a White Paper titled Balanced Nutrition - Energize Your Days, Calm Your Nights.

   DOWNLOAD - DB&A White paper "Balanced Nutrition: Energize Your Days - Calm Your Nights"


How can you benefit from DB&A's Fatigue Risk Management experience today?