Curio® Applications

Curio® Blood Banking

Curio® identifies micro-trends in all donor deferral data. This includes infectious disease markers within blood donor populations, or sub populations, to provide a high level of Quality Assurance for the blood supply.

Curio® Homeland Security


Curio® analyzes cargo inspection results, identifying abnormal variations in shipments that indicate a need for additional inspection regimes — thereby preventing future contraband shipments from reaching U.S. ports.

Curio® Bio-Surveillance


Curio®  monitors the number of ongoing cases of an infectious disease and indicates when there may be an outbreak requiring the notification of users — who can then initiate the appropriate public health response.


 Curio - Advance Analysis. Rapid Reponse.

In your business environment, rare events occur that are sometimes of critical importance.  But, how do you distinguish between the normal statistical variation of these infrequently occurring events, and those events indicating a critical trend that requires an immediate response?

DB&A has developed innovative state-of-the-art resources, tools and methods that help clients understand which rare events are important and then respond rapidly. Our method and system for conducting advanced statistical analysis, surveillance, and reporting of rare event data is known as Relevance InformaticsSM.  With this approach we apply the resources, methods and tools required to effectively acquire, store, retrieve, analyze, report, and use information to help our clients solve their most pressing rare event analysis challenges.

Our approach includes leveraging our proprietary software tool known as Curio®.  Originally developed to allow the US Department of Defense to understand micro-trends in infectious disease rates, the power of Curio® is now available to help DB&A clients understand and respond rapidly to rare events in their business environment.

Curio® Provides

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  • A web-based application, easily accessible and user friendly
  • A single, central data repository that contains accurate, relevant information from your operations
  • The flexibility to manually or automatically upload and report-out data
  • An Advanced Statistical Analysis Algorithm that analyzes your data and informs you of rare but important events on an ongoing basis
  • A Surveillance and Reporting Layer in which data is automatically analyzed against existing baselines and/or user defined thresholds
  • Pre-programmed and Ad-hoc reports that meet drill down data analysis and data visualization needs
  • A notification engine that automatically handles required and programmatic research notifications based on data surveillance

We begin our Relevance InformaticsSM efforts by developing an understanding your unique business environment and the policies, guidelines, taxonomies, and the information and communication systems with which you work.

With this understanding we can then jointly determine the best way to gather and conduct advanced statistical analysis on your rare event data, and then alert you to relevant events when they occur. And, because we believe that acting on fact-based decisions is at the heart of what we do, we also help you develop and then execute a plan for rapid response when relevant events occur.  At DB&A we empower you with the tools and support you need to conduct advanced analysis and have a rapid response to your rare event challenges.

How can we help you identify and manage rare events in your business?