Blood Banking Services - INNOVATION CENTER

WELCOME to the DB&A Blood Banking Services Innovation Center!

Here you will find information to help you understand and benefit from the intellectual capital we have developed through years of experience in this industry sector. 

Blood Banking and Transfusion services are vital elements of our health care system.  And this industry requires specific expertise and understanding of the breadth of activities involved, such as:

  • Blood donor recruitment and screening
  • The altruistic nature of the blood donation process
  • Extensive testing for infectious disease markers
  • Fractionation processes for various blood components
  • Blood banking operations for storage and inventory management
  • Distribution and exchange of blood products
  • Transfusion services

DB&A has a long history of supporting the blood banking industry.  As members of AABB, we have worked with leading edge blood banking organizations and have experience in all elements of the industry.

  • Reengineer blood bank operations
  • Build blood bank operational data reporting systems
  • Define Donor Relationship Management (DRM) models
  • Evaluate DRM software tools
  • Build bio-surveillance tools for blood donor infectious disease rates
  • Design blood reserve availability surveillance systems
  • Design Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions for blood banks and transfusion services

Our experience can help your organization improve operations, reduce workload, increase collections and product management, and meet your supply requirements.

How can you benefit from DB&A's blood banking experience today?