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DB&A Supports Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at George Mason University

September 4, 2009

DB&A gives back to the community by providing pro bono strategic planning services to OLLI at GMU.  The support culminated in a strategic planning offsite held at the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution Point of View site.  (

DB&A Recognized for Supporting Acquisition Excellence at the FAA

February 18, 2009

DB&A and its business partner, i3 Partners, were recognized by the FAA Chief Acquisition Officer, Mr. Jim Washington, for promoting Acquisition Excellence in the FAA.

DB&A Awarded Contract to Develop Acquisition Best Practices with the FAA

September 1, 2008

DB&A has joined the i3 Partners Team at the FAA to develop Acquisition Best Practices for the Agency. Supporting the Chief Acquisition Officer the effort will define repeatable best practice business processes and procedures to aid the agency in its major system acquisition activities.

DB&A Awarded Strategic Planning Contract by National Rehabilitation Association

July 2, 2008

DB&A was awarded a contract to complete an annual strategic planning conference for the National Rehabilitation Association leadership council.  The council is made up of representatives from the NRA member organizations, and therefore DB&A's expertise in effective cross-organizational facilitation will ensure the best planning outcomes.

DB&A Supports Performance Management at Department of Homeland Security

July 1, 2008

DB&A today joined the Federal Management Partners team to support the roll-out of a new Performance Management System at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Citizenship Service, CIS. DB&A will be providing CIS management staff in Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver, Kansas City, and New York with consultative training on aligning work group and staff performance goals to the strategic goals of CIS.

Dave Buczek Interviewed by Leading Business Intelligence Analyst Firm

April 8, 2008

Dave Buczek was interviewed by Mark Smith, CEO of Ventana Research, the leading Business Intelligence & Performance Management research and advisory services firm, regarding analyst coverage of the capabilities of Curio Systems, and its patent-pending technology.

As a niche offering in the operational data mining space, Curio® offers users a unique capability to conduct rare event statistical analysis, surveillance, reporting and collaboration. It is an important first-mover in this rapidly growing market space.

Dave Buczek Presents Curio Systems, Inc. at SBIR ASSETs Conference

March 19, 2008

At the SBIR ASSETs conference in Boston, Dave Buczek presented the capabilities of Curio Systems to other business innovation experts who have commercialized new products and services and to major corporations seeking new and innovative technologies.

DB&A Spins Off Curio Systems, Inc.

January 1, 2008

To commercialize the results of a successful Small Business Innovative Research Grant, DB&A today formally incorporated Curio Systems, Inc. The new company will bring the patent-pending business system and method for rare event analysis, alerting, reporting and collaboration to market. More information on this exciting offering can be found at

DB&A Helps Position Altarum for Future Success

November 20, 2007

DB&A led a series of future-state planning workshops across the company to identify needed changes to position the firm for success in the future. 

DB&A Drives Congressionally Mandated Review of Patient Safety in Military Health System

November 1, 2007

DB&A joins Lumetra and Altarum in completion of an external independent review of the Quality and Patient Safety efforts within the Military Health System.  DB&A was specifically selected for this effort because of their deep understanding of the DoD Patient Safety Program resulting from previous work to develop a strategic business plan and performance measures for the group.