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DB&A Conducts Fatigue Research for FAA in Alaska

February 11, 2012

DB&A has just completed a data collection effort for the FAA to begin to understand the extent to which fatigue may impact Alaska Flight Service Station (AFSS) staff performance.  The effort included staff interviews at eight AFSS facilities located across the state.  Designed to gather subjective data about perceived fatigue and objective work and schedule related data, the effort is part of a multi-phase project and is another example of the efforts that the FAA is taking to seriously examine its operations, identify and mitigate fatigue risk 

DB&A Celebrates 10 Years of Excellence

January 2, 2012

DB&A proudly celebrates ten years of providing excellent service to our clients.  Since our start in 2002, we have helped small-businesses get off the ground with innovative ideas that shake up their markets.  We were awarded four Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants from the U.S.

Sleep Apnea & Miltimodal Transportation Conference a Success

November 9, 2011

In association with the American Sleep Apnea Association, DB&A helped deliver the Sleep Apnea & Multimodal Transportation Conference in Baltimore on November 8th and 9th. 

The event was co-sponsored with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Federal Railroad Administration.

Stakeholders from government, occupational medicine, labor, industry and the sleep community came together for two days of presentations on the health, safety and economics of sleep apnea in transportation.

DB&A Defines Fatigue Modeling Tool Requirements for FAA

November 1, 2011

DB&A delivered a set of software requirements for a shift work analysis tool to help the FAA conduct fatigue risk analysis of Air Traffic Organization (ATO) work schedules.  The requirements define desired functionality not currently available in an existing, well-validated bio-mathematical fatigue analysis software program.  DB&A will work together with the existing software owners and the FAA to manage the development, testing, implementation and use of the new software.  It is expected that the added functionality will enable the ATO to exami

FAA FRM Efforts Recognized as Best Practice at ICAO Symposium

August 31, 2011

At the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Fatigue Risk Management Symposium in Montreal, Canada, National Transportation Safety Board Member Mark Rosekind recognized the FAA for efforts to reduce fatigue risk in its air traffic control operations.  DB&A has been providing management consulting support to this effort since October of 2009.  "We are pleased that our efforts have yielded solid progress in this area for our FAA client, and that our collaborative work can be held up in an international forum as a best practice.  I

DB&A Supports Sleep Apnea & Multi-Modal Transportation Conference 2011

March 1, 2011

DB&A has been engaged by the American Sleep Apnea Association to help plan and hold the Sleep Apnea & Multi-Modal Transportation Conference 2011.  The conference will be held at the Sheraton Inner City in Baltimore, Maryland on November 8th and 9th.  DB&A is uniquely qualified to help with this important effort based on our expertise in fatigue management and marketing.

DB&A Awarded Follow-on Contract to Support Fatigue Risk Management at the FAA

September 25, 2010

DB&A has been awarded a follow-on contract to help the Fatigue Risk Management Program Office at the FAA define innovative ways to mitigate fatigue risk in Air Traffic Operations.  DB&A will directly support both Air Traffic Control and Technical Operations FRM efforts through the implementation of a Fatigue Risk Management System for the FAA ATO.

DB&A Creates Fatigue Risk Management Maturity Model

June 8, 2010

DB&A formally presented its Fatigue Risk Management Maturity Model - FRM3 to the joint FAA and NATCA FRM Work Group as a framework for the FAA to address fatigue risk in both the Air Traffic Control and the Technical Operations areas.  The DB&A FRM3 model will form the foundation for the overall FRM improvement effort in the FAA.

DB&A Partners With Synteras to Offer Transformative Process Optimization

February 1, 2010

DB&A joins forces with Synteras to offer clients Transformative Process Optimization or TPO, a fast-track approach that puts under performing enterprise transformation efforts back on track while delivering desired outcomes in a fraction of industry standard times.

DB&A Awarded Fatigue Risk Management Contract With the FAA

October 1, 2009

DB&A was awarded a contract to help establish a Fatigue Risk Management Program Office in the FAA's Air Traffic Operations business area. DB&A will be establishing business plans and work processes that will enable the FAA to work collaboratively with employee representation organizations.