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Dave Buczek Presents Fatigue Risk Management at SARMA Conference

December 12, 2012

Dave Buczek, DB&A of President, delivered a session on managing fatigue risk in operations as an important component of critical infrastructure protection at the SARMA (Security Analysis and Risk Management Association) conference held at George Mason University Law School, Center for Infrastructure Protection and Homeland Security in Arlington, Virginia.  The well received presentation focused on identifying fatigue hazards, classifying risks and mitigating fatigue to maintain operational integrity in critical infrastructure sectors.

Dave Buczek Presents on Human Performance at Authentic Leadership Conference

October 15, 2012

Dave Buczek, DB&A President, today presented a session on human performance at the Authentic Leadership Summit, 2012, in Charlottesville, Virginia.  The well received presentation focused on methods for maintaining peak performance from yourself and your employees in our sleep deprived culture.

DB&A Awarded Contract to Support Fatigue Risk Management at Alaska Airlines

October 1, 2012

DB&A has been awarded a contract to assist Alaska Airlines with Fatigue Risk Management in its flight operations.  The contract will focus on educating key safety managers about fatigue risk management, analyzing fatigue reports, and conducting city-pair analysis of key flight segments.  The work is expected to take three to four months and will ultimately equip the airline with the skills and business processes to conduct these activities with internal resources.

DB&A and George Mason University Deliver Fatigue Risk Management Training

June 26, 2012

Today, DB&A in partnership with the George Mason University Center for Infrastructure Protection and Homeland Security delivered a Fatigue Risk Management Executive Seminar to attendees from the aviation, rail, trucking and law enforcement communities.  The seminar raised awareness of the risks and liabilities associated with fatigue in 24/7 operations and provided guidance on ways to mitigate and manage fatigue through a Fatigue Risk Management System.  DB&A CEO Maria Buczek stated "Fatigue poses a real risk in safety critical industries.  Our hope is to crea

DB&A Conducts Fatigue Research for FAA in Alaska

February 11, 2012

DB&A has just completed a data collection effort for the FAA to begin to understand the extent to which fatigue may impact Alaska Flight Service Station (AFSS) staff performance.  The effort included staff interviews at eight AFSS facilities located across the state.  Designed to gather subjective data about perceived fatigue and objective work and schedule related data, the effort is part of a multi-phase project and is another example of the efforts that the FAA is taking to seriously examine its operations, identify and mitigate fatigue risk 

DB&A Celebrates 10 Years of Excellence

January 2, 2012

DB&A proudly celebrates ten years of providing excellent service to our clients.  Since our start in 2002, we have helped small-businesses get off the ground with innovative ideas that shake up their markets.  We were awarded four Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants from the U.S.