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DB&A Helps Position Altarum for Future Success

November 20, 2007

DB&A led a series of future-state planning workshops across the company to identify needed changes to position the firm for success in the future. 

DB&A Drives Congressionally Mandated Review of Patient Safety in Military Health System

November 1, 2007

DB&A joins Lumetra and Altarum in completion of an external independent review of the Quality and Patient Safety efforts within the Military Health System.  DB&A was specifically selected for this effort because of their deep understanding of the DoD Patient Safety Program resulting from previous work to develop a strategic business plan and performance measures for the group.

DB&A Innovates On-line Learning

May 15, 2007

To help our clients develop compelling learning environments, DB&A has completed the development of its Learning Environment Framework, or LEF.  The LEF ensures that all aspects of a learning environment are planned and are supportive of one another so that the experience of the learner is maximized. 

DB&A Delivers WAP Navigation Templates for Idhunna Offerings

March 29, 2007

DB&A today delivered its completed internet site navigation and WAP navigation templates to Idhunna for use in developing its unique online user experience to enable its customers to Connect - Share - Remember.  Once fully developed, these navigation templates will represent some of the most innovative and leading edge uses of the internet and mobile communication devices for group logistics and communications.

DB&A Presents on Human Tissue Management Reengineering at SAFMLS

February 26, 2007

DB&A presented a workshop at the Society for Armed Services Medical Laboratory Scientists in Boston on February 26th.  The session was delivered in partnership with Biomedical Synergies, a provider of human tissue management software and professional services.

President of DB&A Publishes Book Chapter on Intellectual Capital

January 21, 2007

David Buczek, The President of DB&A, published a chapter titled Retaining Intellectual Capital: A Manager's Perspective in the book Human Resources Management: Contemporary Issues, Challenges and Opportunities (© 2007, Information Age Publishing, Charlotte). The chapter suggests that in many firms intellectual capital is the core value that the enterprise has to offer its customers or constituents, and therefore, it must be managed aggressively.