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Support for NOVA HTI

November 18, 2016

DB&A supported the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Initiative fund raising gala.  We were priviledged to attend this event and support this great and growing organization that has stepped into the void to mobilize the local community to eradicate human trafficking in Northern Virginia, and to provide services to those who are rescued from human trafficking.  If you want to learn more and help support this worthy organization, please visit them on the web at

DB&A Receives Commendation from FAA

January 13, 2016

DB&A received a commendation letter from the US Federal Aviation Administration for delivery of exceptional business and digital transformation services.  Over the last five years DB&A helped to establish new risk management capabilities covering the entire Air Traffic Organization by establishing a strategic roadmap, leveraging advanced digital technologies for data analytics, and building web-apps for employee engagment and education.  The overall program success led the NTSB to close an open safety recommendation made to the FAA.

DB&A Delegate to Human Factors in Aviation Safety Conference

November 11, 2015

DB&A participated as a delegate in this Chartered Institute for Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF) conference held in East Midlands, United Kingdom.   This important aviation safety event explored methods to enhance international aviation safety through the application of new and innovative approaches to human factors and safety risk management.

DB&A Supports ICAO Fatigue Risk Management Systems Taskforce in Atlanta

June 30, 2015

DB&A provided expert support to the International Civil Aviation Organization, ICAO, Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS) Taskforce to continue development of international FRMS guidance for Air Navigation Service Providers.  The meetimng in Atlanta, GA brought together experts from airlines, regulators and air naviagtion service providers to work across the air services industry to align fatigue-related safety management practices.

DB&A certified as an International Standards Support Services Affiliate by IBAC

March 31, 2015

DB&A receives official recognition from the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) as a an International Standards Support Services Affiliate (ISSSA) for the International Standard – Business Aviation Operations (IS-BA0) program.  This provides DB&A with formal recognition for its expertise in supporting clients in developing safe aviation operations, and further demonstrates DB&A's commitment to the safety of the international air services industry.

DB&A Supports Human Performance Program at FAA ATO

February 25, 2015

DB&A has begun providing management consulting support to the new Human Performance program in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Air Traffic Organization.  Specifically, DB&A is helping to define the three elements of the program – Human Factors, Fatigue Risk Management and Health and Wellness, and then develop business objectives and associated work plans for each of the program elements.  DB&A’s unique skill set in developing innovative, science-based approaches to improving human performance will enable to new program to be established quickly a

DB&A Supports ICAO Fatigue Risk Management Systems Taskforce in Montreal

August 29, 2014

DB&A continues its efforts to support the international air services industry by providing expert support to the International Civil Aviation Organization, ICAO, Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS) Taskforce.   Current activities are focused on the development of international Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) and FRMS guidance for Air Navigation Service Providers.

DB&A Delivers Healthy Sleep Training to Gulfstream Aerospace

August 6, 2014

DB&A has began delivery of a series of seminars throughout Gulfstream Aerospace on the importance of healthy sleep.  The seminars cover what make sup healthy sleep, how poor sleep impacts health and wellness, and provides attendees with four healthy sleep assessment tools to help them take positive action to improve their sleep and therefore their overall health and wellness.  DB&A has also writtem a series of articles published on internal employee web pages educating employees on targeted healthy sleep topics.

DB&A Awarded Support Services Contract with Gulfstream Aerospace

March 14, 2014

DB&A has been awarded a support services contract to provide Gulfstream Aerospace with expert services in both fatigue risk management and healthy sleep education.  The new and innovative approaches DB&A brings to enhancing human performance will improve the safety of Gulfstream employees in the operational work environment as well as enhance product quality and reduce costs of operational errors and incidents.

DB&A Delivers GAC FRM Seminar and Program Planning

January 30, 2014

DB&A and its business partner M3 Alertness Management planned and delivered a fatigue risk management education and planning seminar for Gulfstream Aerospace, Safety Management System personnel.  This seminar is the first step in beginning to establish a fatigue risk management program to sytematically address fatigue related hazards in the Gulfstream Aerospace operational work environment.