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Keys to Digital Reinvention

Digital disruptions are taking place across all industry sectors.  According to a recently published report, most industries are less than 40% digitized, with the exception of retail, media and high tech.  Organizations that can leverage emerging digital technologies and ecosystems will experience disproportionate revenue and profit growth. If that sounds good to you - then here are some keys to making sure your digital reinvention project is a success:

DB&A Celebrates 15 Years of Excellence

It’s hard to believe that we are celebrating our fifteenth year in business.  When DB&A was founded in 2002 we wanted to create a different kind of a consulting company.  One that was uniquely focused on:

Remember Those Who Serve

This Memorial Day I encourage everyone to take a break from their cookouts and picnics, or their trips to the pool or park and remember why we celebrate this holiday.  It is a day to remember those that died while serving in the our armed services.  Each of us probably knows of someone who gave the ultimate sacrifice so others might enjoy the freedoms we have today.  And now, more young men and women continue to pay that price on our behalf while serving in our armed services around the globe.  Please remember those who have died and those who continue to se

The Heart of Innovation

Sometimes we get stuck.  We have been doing the same things for so long that we may be locked into ways of working that will not take us into the future.  Often it is an innocent act of discovering something new that can get us unstuck and moving in the right direction.  At the heart of any innovation is an act of discovery.  Without that, there can be no true change.  At DB&A we specialize in helping our clients discover new and innovative ways of working that overcome challenges and position them for success.  Give us a call and let’s discuss how

Always Improving

I love athletics and the competitive spirit of organized sports.  Athletes practice all the time, and then they engage in spirited contests to display their exceptional skills.  The teams that win are usually full of players who love their sport so much that practice isn’t a chore.  It is simply a wonderful opportunity to play their sport and hone their skills every day – not just on game day.  At DB&A we are constantly honing our skills and seeking ways to improve our intellectual capital so that when we engage with a client we are the best that we ca

Overcoming Our Fears

Henry Ford once said “One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn't do.”  I couldn’t agree more.  DB&A consultants often help clients overcome challenges that they felt were insurmountable.  Deep, entrenched obstacles that bar the way forward and keep an organization stagnating, unable to move forward toward a future they desire.  Often, the greatest of these obstacles is the fear of change.  In these situations I tell my clients that they must “embrace