Keys to Digital Reinvention

Digital disruptions are taking place across all industry sectors.  According to a recently published report, most industries are less than 40% digitized, with the exception of retail, media and high tech.  Organizations that can leverage emerging digital technologies and ecosystems will experience disproportionate revenue and profit growth. If that sounds good to you - then here are some keys to making sure your digital reinvention project is a success:

1 - Make sure your new digital strategy is tightly coupled with the overall mission and goals of the organization.  This has been shown to be a key differentiator between companies that win at digitizing their business, and those that don't.

2 - Think disruption, vs. enablement.  Many of us get cold feet when we face the big changes necessary for real digital transformation. Enabling current processes and customer touch points with new technology only gets you so far.  The biggest returns on digital investments will go to those who embrace disruptive solutions that leap frog other incumbents in their industries.

3 - Remember - technology is only an enabler - it's really about people.  Whether you are building electronic bridges to millennial customers, or supporting the transition of your workforce to new digitally enabled ways of working, keep in mind that people and the ways we work an connect are the reasoning behind digital reinvention.

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