Our Philosphy

It has been said that if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.




A hallmark of the way we work at DB&A is that we teach you to help yourself. In all of the professional services we deliver, if you desire, we can bring your people along side and where appropriate, help them understand the tools and techniques we use.


Now, some things that we do don't lend themselves easily to teaching others. But, wouldn't it be nice if your organization could become more self-sufficient? Then in the future you can overcome challenges without the help of outside counsel.


In addition to transferring knowledge as we consult, we also offer true training in many topics including; business planning, eCommerce, technology planning, and interpersonal issues such as dealing with resistance and conflict, personality styles, and team building.

What We Do

Who We Are


We are strategic and tactical analysts and planners using our cross-industry experience to develop wise counsel that charts a pathway around obstacles to our client's success.

We are innovators that blend business, technology and organization development expertise to develop new and creative ideas that transform our clients environment for the better.

We are solution integrators bringing together and implementing all elements of a solution for our clients that makes their world, and the world at large a better place.


What We Do


DB&A is a professional services firm providing management consulting, innovation, and solution integration services to our clients.  We help government, business and not-for-profit clients chart a course around barriers to their success, create new and innovative ways of working, and implement these solutions effectively.  In so doing make their world, and the world at large a better place.


Values that Guide Our Work


The following values guide the work of all our staff and associates at DB&A:


Benefit of outside counsel
  • We recognize that at times organizations may lack the expertise to solve their business challenges and may need outside counsel. We offer that counsel in direct and pointed ways to address client key issues effectively and allow them to get back to doing what they do best - serving their customers and constituents.

Necessity of strategic and systems thinking

  • We recognize that tactical problems or opportunities may be symptoms of much larger strategic and systemic issues. Therefore, in order to solve underlying issues or seize opportunities for our clients, we approach all client engagements from a strategic and whole systems perspective.

Opportunity through innovation

  • We recognize that knowledge and technology are advancing rapidly in almost every industry sector. We see these advancements as great opportunities for those who can leverage knowledge and harness technologies to innovate business processes, and support their people in adding more value for customers and constituents.  We bring fresh perspectives to generate innovative solutions to unique client challenges.

Value of people

  • We recognize that an organization's most valuable asset is its people, and that they must be free to leverage their intellectual capital to add value for their clients and constituents. Therefore, we help our clients develop their organization so that their culture supports their vision and mission, and positively impacts the ability of their people to add the most value they can to the products and services they produce.

Requirement to manage change

  • We recognize that most improvement initiatives are disruptive to operational processes, management practices, and supporting infrastructures. Therefore, we must aggressively manage the change process and help our clients transition from old ways of working to new ways of prospering.  In so doing we are making their world a better place.


DB&A - Innovation For a Better World